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Tech Tip: Changes these TV settings to reduce eye strain

Tech Tip: Changes these TV settings to reduce eye strain

The general rule of thumb is to be at least five times the distance from the television screen as the screen is wide.

If your TV is smart I have bad news it’s probably keeping an eye on everything you do and sending that info back to advertisers.

With your privacy best cover consider your health here are a few tips to minimise eye strain neck strain and I fatigue.

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1. Lighting matters

Changes these TV settings to reduce eye strain

You will spoil your eyes we all are heard it as kids sitting in front of the TV right? Watching TV probably won’t cause long term vision damage but it can strain your eyes.

A soft dimly lit lit room is the best way to watch TV open windows bright straight lights and other distracting light sources make the eyes work over time.

You also don’t need a bunch of fancy smart lightning or gadgets close the blinds turn off the lights in the house and stick to LED bulbs unless you preferred to go completely Black out.

Lamps and other lights can cause annoying glare and glare choose sources to ambient light muted by diffused domes or shades.

2. Smart formula 2 know when you are to close

When it comes to eye health you should sit for enough away from the TV so that your eyes are not exposed to excessive glare.

The secret formula measure the width of the TV and multiply the resulting number by 5 this distance is the distance you should be shooting for in a home theatre living room or any other place that has a TV it’s harder to follow that formula no with larger TVs.

The size of the room the shape and number of seats you have to set up and other factor like window placement also come into play some of them are good aim for at least 10 ft if you can.

3. Check the screen height

A TV mounted to high or too low can cause I and neck strain it is most comfortable to watch TV at I level when you are sitting. so how do you set it up? User laser pointer or a long tape measure to find a direct line of sight from the best spot in the house.

4. Reduce the brightness

Bright concentrated blue light is bad for your eyes that’s why looking at your phone in a dark room can feel so jarring.

Is your TV backlit? OLED? What HDR capabilities does it offer ? All of these effects which brightness is best your eyesis will also give you many clues do you find yourself squinting when the room is dark? maybe the TV is too bright.

Check your TV is user manual or click the settings menu to find a brightnesses don’t just relay on one of the previous sets adjust up and down and see what works best for your space.

Start With Right picture Mode

Your TV’s picture mode has the largest effect on overall picture quality this one setting controls multiple other settings to change the oral look of your TV if you are never change this settings its probably still the default mode typically labour standard vivid dynamic bright or something similar. The TV is usually at its least accurate in this mode with typically blown out colours and image in hansing features that might catch the eye on a shelf in a store but at home might make the TV look wh
worse then it could.

A place to start is switching to the mode called cinema movie calibrated or film maker these will dial back some of the pictures more garish aspects. At first the TV might even look soft or to warm we will discuss below why that is but for now trust that you are actually seeing more find details and the images more life like.

Let’s move on to some specific controls

Backlight or OLED light

  • Controls the light intensity of the entire display
  • To high and it can cause headache or eyes strain waste energy and in some cases cause premature wear on the TV
  • Too low and the image is to dim and difficult to see


  • Controls the white or bride part of an image.
  • To high will erase detail from clouds snow and other bright objects.
  • To love will look dim and flat.

Brightness or black level

  • Controls the black and dark parts of an image.
  • To high will look flat and washed out.
  • Will erase detail in shadows and dark areas of the image.


  • Controls artificial as enhancement not image sharpness
  • To high erases image detail at a halo to find lines
  • Depending on the TV set to zero there’s no effect or a slight softening

Color and tint

  • Controls colour saturation and red green shift
  • A hold over from the analog TV days
  • Generally will be correct or close enough out of the box

Color temperature aur white balance

  • Controls how warm or cool the image looks
  • To high and the image will be too blue
  • To low and the image will be too red

Motion interpolation or something ( the soap Opera effect)

  • Controls how smooth motion is by artificially creating new frames of video
  • To high or even enabled at all it can be annoying to some
  • Too low and the TV might appear soft with motion such as sports

Game Mode

  • Reduce input lag or how long it takes for your input to register on screen

  • Usually disables features that might make the image better

  • Useful for any game that requires timing or Amy specially online multiplayer

We’ve separated every one of the settings you could have to change to get the best picture out of your TV. Simply remember that image setting names can differ starting with one maker then onto the next. A setting that one TV organization calls “splendor,” for instance, had some control over something else entirely on another TV. We tackle a great deal of the varieties beneath, yet we can’t represent each TV creator, particularly with regards to more established models.

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