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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? ‘Don’t Google which dinosaur had 500 teeth’

 What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? ‘Don’t Google which dinosaur had 500 teeth’

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? get to know the cool nigersaurus.

Did you know Google gets over 1.5 million searches about what dinosaur has 500 teeth here’s the answer the dinosaur with 500 teeth is called the Nigersaurus.

 The Nigersaurus was a long naked dinosaur that’s no for sporting and unusually broad straight edge muscle taped mouth in scientific terms it is a rebbachisaurid Sauropod dinosaur.

 Fun facts about the 500 toothed dinosaur skulls

 The first of the Nigersaurus world discovered by paleontologist Philippe Taquet invest Africa’s republic of niger he found the fossils during his expenditure to the country from 1965 to 1972.

Hairs and other fun fact one of the first dinosaur is called to have ever been digitally reconstructed by city scan was the Nigersaurus Species the original Fossil skull was the spice man used for the scan cool right?

 Clearing up the info About Nigersaurus

 You might be surprise to find out that the negrosors was a dinosaur that really excited if you first and counter the name through online forums you may also have encounter the Niger saurus name through search engine auto fil suggestion and possibly through Me like OK dinosaur with 500 teeth or don’t Google dinosaur with 500 teeth.

 To help you understand better those are actually racial slurs. They are also a sick stunt spread by people who are insensitive and lack dinosaur knowledge. They are often used as jokes by Sikh reddit user to shock unsuspecting internet user by employing something about the Nigersaurus name.

 We suggest to avoid making those insensitive jokes and avoid laughing about them to there are better things everyone can give their attention to like watch football stick gag weaving and online forms isn’t worth anyone’s time and attention.

 The Nigersaurus Unique Characteristics

Remember how we said that their more to the dinosaur then meets the eye in this section you will get to know more awesome information about make the Nigersaurus fun to get to know.

 Distinguishing physical feature of the dinosaur with 500 teeth

Did you know the nigersaurus can’t raise it had very high to get food dispight being along naked dinosaur it instead used its extremely wide mouth liine with cylinder teeth and cropped food just like a modern cow the Nigersaurus was really more of a dinosaur that liked browsing plant close to the ground the dinosaur doesn’t need to worry about wearing its Chompers out while it feeds because replacement teeth grow every 14 days.

 Another cool thing to note about Nigersaurus is it’s mouth structure it’s the only known tetraport animal with jaws that are broader than its skull. 

Lastly it’s a small long neck dinosaur compared to other famous Sauropod in the Nigersaurus was only 30 feet long and wait around 4 tons its neck was also quite short with curvical vertebrae numbering to about 13 bones.

Nigersaurus is a 30-foot-long plant-eating dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago in what is now Niger’s Sahara Desert.

 Nigersaurus lived in a lush environment alongside the predatory dinosaur Suchomimus, the plant eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercroc. Nigersaurus had a sensitive cranium and an exceedingly huge mouth covered with enamel particularly tailored for surfing flora near the floor. This bizarre, lengthy-necked dinosaur is characterized by means of its strangely large, directly-edged muzzle tipped with more than 500 replaceable teeth. The unique fossil skull of Nigersaurus is one of the first dinosaur skulls to be digitally reconstructed from CT scans.

Journal Entry: Sept 9, 2000
Update on Dinosaur Discoveries from Paul Sereno
Camp 1
Gadoufaoua eleven:30 pm

Bizarre 500-toothed dinosaur

Our first week in the area has been staggering! Remarkable discoveries appear to be awaiting us around each dune. On our first day, we determined bones of the lengthy-necked dinosaur Nigersaurus. Nigersaurus, you might keep in mind, we named for bones amassed on the ultimate excursion here three years ago. This sauropod (lengthy-necked dinosaur) has an uncommon skull containing as many as 500 slender tooth. A predominant intention of this day trip is to locate the rest of this unusual dinosaur so we are able to describe it and reconstruct it for all of us to look.

We are remaining in on that aim rapid because we came upon a skeleton a few days later! This skeleton is lying on its facet with the tail curved upward. The curve of the spine measures about 15 feet. We cautiously brushed the sand off the a hundred and ten million-yr-old bones and dug channels among the primary regions of the skeleton. Soon we can cover each vicinity in plaster so that the skeleton may be transported out of the field and lower back to the laboratory.
But that’s not concerned about Nigersaurus. Chris took us all to a flat location of crimson-colored sandstone wherein he had located the upper jaw of a child Nigersaurus—one that could fit on pinnacle of a silver dollar! This Nigersaurus became a hatchling, probably less than three hundred and sixty five days from hatching whilst it died and was fossilized.

A new carnivore

While strolling throughout a very flat place, Gabe made a exceptional discover—the bones of a new meat-eating dinosaur lay in part uncovered at her toes. She brushed away the sand from the higher jaw. Nearby lay a part of the backbone and the hip bones. This turned into an average client—the bones are from a skeleton that might degree approximately 30 feet long! We hope to locate more evidence of this sharp-toothed creature as the field season is going on.

A massive crocodile

We are interested by finding more than simply dinosaurs. We want to find all animals and flowers that once lived along the ancient streams and forests one hundred ten million years in the past. One of the most commonplace fossils we encountered inside the first week of labor belonged to an sizable crocodile known as Sarcosuchus.

This reptile changed into some distance larger than any dwelling crocodile. Judging from the 6-foot skull we located within the first week, we suspect it could have measured over 40 toes lengthy! The armor plates on its lower back measured a foot across. We even laid out the team to get a experience of just how large this animal became.

Hans has been operating with a team of Allison and Dave to excavate a brand new website. As we dug around the cranium, we uncovered every other juvenile skull of the identical species lying right subsequent to the big one. They carved a block of rock that included each skulls, understanding full properly that it might weigh around 600 pounds whilst encased in plaster.

So I suppose you would possibly agree that the primary week right here has been a thriller.


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