Bloodborne for PC Rumored to Have Previously Existed at PlayStation

 Bloodborne for PC Rumored to Have Previously Existed at PlayStation

Bloodborne for PC Rumored to Have Previously Existed at PlayStation


A form of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne that ran on PC is rumored to have existed inside PlayStation at one point. As of late, another port or remaster of Bloodborne for PC and PS5 is something that various PlayStation fans have been asking for. And keeping in mind that it appears to be logical that PlayStation won’t follow through with these solicitations any time soon, one studio that previously had a place with Sony is said to have had the game running on PC.
As per Spear McDonald, who is a very much respected power and insider on everything Bloodborne, Sony’s Japan Studio had a variant of the game running on Windows 7 for PC. In a new tweet, McDonald professes to have seen this rendition of Bloodborne on PC for himself before. Unfortunately, it’s not realized what happened to this PC iteration of the game as Sony wound up covering Japan Studio in mid 2021. Thusly, McDonald noticed that this form of Bloodborne that ran on Windows 7 probably still exists some place inside Sony, however it appears like nothing is being finished with it.

I don’t know where the “FROMSOFTWARE engine is messy / spaghetti code” idea keeps coming from. It’s not true, and there are literally zero technical barriers between Bloodborne and a PC/60fps PS5 port/re-release. Sony can do it at any time they like without FROM’s support.

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) September 21, 2022

McDonald proceeded to include his own guess with everything else and said that he accepts PlayStation is “possible” during the time spent chipping away at something new related to Bloodborne at this moment. Whether that appears as a PC port, a remaster for PlayStation 5, or even a through and through continuation in Bloodborne 2 isn’t known, however McDonald appears to accept that Sony could accomplish something with the property one day.

Per normal with stories like this, it’s vital to think about what has been said while considering other factors. Despite the fact that McDonald has had accurate Bloodborne information before, there’s no genuine method for confirming what has been said about the game and its potential PC variant. In any case, expecting that this information is legitimate, it makes one wonder of why PlayStation won’t hope to port Bloodborne to PC in any case, particularly since Japan Studio was plainly dealing with this undertaking before.

Do you believe that PlayStation will at any point look to remaster or port Bloodborne to PC? Furthermore, provided that this is true, when how about such a declaration from PlayStation wind up occurring?