Constantine Fans Fancast New Keanu Reeves Sequel

 Constantine Fans Fancast New Keanu Reeves Sequel

Constantine Fans Fancast New Keanu Reeves Sequel
Nearly 20 years after Constantine previously hit theaters, Warner Brothers is bringing back Keanu Reeves for another go-around. This week, the studio officially gave Constantine 2 the green light, confirming Reeves would return as the eponymous soothsayer. As fate would have it, the internet fast lit ablaze as fans of all things DC Repulsiveness and Equity League Dark began to speculate what characters could wind up appearing in the flick.
Reeves will be joined by director Francis Lawrence, who recently made his filming debut on the original flick.
“Unfortunately, I don’t recall who has it, however with all these shared universes that exist now, with Constantine being a part of Dizziness, which is a part of DC, individuals have plans for these shared universes,” Lawrence said in a 2020 interview. “You know, perhaps various Constantines and things like that. At the present time, we don’t have that character available to us for television or movies, which is a bummer. We as a whole investigated it, yet I think it’s kind of crazy when you have Keanu, who couldn’t want anything more than to do another Constantine, and us wanting to do another Constantine, and individuals are like, “Uh, no, we got other plans.” We’ll see what happens.”
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Brendan Fraser as Anybody

I think if Keanu Reeves and Brendan Fraser were in a movie together the power of the good vibes from Twitter would solve the energy crisis.

— Somebody wake up Hicks (@JonMarkHicks) September 17, 2022

Constantine y Madame Xanadu para HBOMax en estos momentos:

— M E M O (@memomtz11500) September 16, 2022

If Constantine II leads to a Justice League Dark/Shadowpact film I’m all for it.

Keanu Reeves as Constantine
Alexander Skarsgård as Swamp Thing
Jimmy Smits as Zatara
Jenna Ortega as Zatanna
Richard Madden as Etrigan
DeWanda Wise as Madame Xanadu
Doug Jones as Deadman

— Richard Newby (@RICHARDLNEWBY) September 17, 2022

So elated for the Constantine film sequel! Loved that first movie’s cast choices, especially with Tilda Swinton as Gabriel. Perhaps we could get a Swamp Thing 🌿 post-credits cameo, to showcase their #comics connection! 🤣

— Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (@RustedMecha) September 17, 2022