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Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Cell Max’s Perfect Form

 Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Cell Max’s Perfect Form

Dragon Ball Super has been on a high as of late, and we have its new film to thank. After a couple of years away from the screen, the anime stepped forward with its latest film, and it put Gohan on all important focal point. The Saiyan and Piccolo came together to lead Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and given its box office gross, there is no denying its success. Fans rushed to see the film for one reason or another, and its large villain attracted a decent not many of them. And presently, some new art is imagining the way that Cell Max could look assuming he were given a perfect makeover.
As you can see underneath, the art comes from MrTermiDA over on Twitter. The shot brings Cell Max to life in a way Dr. Hedo and the Red Strip Army won’t ever imagine. After all, the final act of Dragon Ball’s new film unleashed the android before they were done processing, so his assemble was far from anticipated. In any case, on the off chance that he’d been allowed to cook a piece longer, well – he might have seemed to be this.

What would have happened if Cell Max had the perfect body? Well here is a recreation of me with the FZ model. I hope you like it!#DragonBall #DragonBallSuperSuperHero #Cell #CellMax #Blender #BNPR #Blenderart #Blender3D #FighterZ

— 🍎MrTermi988🍏(Open Commissions) (@MrTermiDA) September 13, 2022

Cell Max is touting an identical form to Perfect Cell here, and it’s implied their stance is terrifying. The villain looks sufficiently sturdy to take a point-blank punch from Broly, and that is saying something. Their glowing eyes just make Cell Max the more ominous, and honestly? Their red-green palate suits them here.
Obviously, Dragon Ball Super didn’t be able to bring this version of Cell to life, yet there’s nothing stopping the character from a future comeback. Dr. Hedo is still around, and while he could have left the Red Strip Army, his research could help the organization bring Cell back to life. And of course, there’s always the chance Android 21 could spring up someday with Cell just to see how her grandson’s own androids compare.
What do you think of this Dragon Ball Super makeover?
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