Fairy Tail Creator Reveals New Look at Gray and Juvia’s Child With Special Art

 Fairy Tail Creator Reveals New Look at Gray and Juvia’s Child With Special Art

Fairy Tail Creator Reveals New Look at Gray and Juvia's Child With Special Art

Fairy Tail’s series creator has uncovered a new look at Gray and Juvia’s possible child with some special new art featuring the special new face for the couple’s important day! The authority sequel series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, has taken the story a long ways past where the first series finished as Natsu and the vital members from the Fairy Tail organization are currently taking on the S level nominal quest to accomplish the impossible at last. Be that as it may, one of the most outstanding reasons to stay aware of the sequel has been seeing considerably a greater amount of the fan most loved fighters in real life after the first series finished.
Perhaps of the biggest second in Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest so far had seen Natsu and the others return to Edolas since leaving the enchantment liberated world in the first run of the series, and upon their return figure out some quite large developments. One of these uncovered that the Edolas versions of Gray and Juvia got hitched and had a child named Griege, and presently Mashima has taken this newbie back to the overlap for some special new art celebrating the “Gruvia” fan occasion for the fan most loved Gray and Juvia matching! Look at it underneath from Mashima’s true Twitter account:

#マシマライブ pic.twitter.com/TSjGU1JJQD

— 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) September 10, 2022

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest has happened to much more adventures after these enormous reveals in the months since, yet fortunately there will be a far and away superior method for looking at the series as an authority anime adaptation has been reported. The potential release date, staff, or creation studio has yet to be declared for the Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest anime as of this composition, yet not very many updates have been given for the series at all. If you had any desire to get a kick off on the sequel before the anime makes its presentation, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest has been formally licensed by Kodansha Comics. They describe the sequel series as such:

“Natsu, Lucy, Cheerful, Erza, and the entire Fairy Tail organization are back in real life! And they’ve chosen to handle the ‘100 Years Quest’ – a task nobody’s really considered taking on since the establishing of the society over 100 years back. A mysterious town, a perplexing spirit, a ghastly new foe… and a brand new continent to investigate. At the point when you’re with genuine friends, the adventures won’t ever stop!”