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Golden Globes Could Be in Trouble After 2023


 Golden Globes Could Be in Trouble After 2023

Golden Globes Could Be in Trouble After 2023

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have greater issues than just an inability to land Chris Rock as a host this year. One year after their service was boycotted by enormous name celebrities and didn’t come to the airwaves by any stretch of the imagination, they have signed a new arrangement with NBC…but just for this year’s function, without any promises for anything going forward, meaning that in the event that their ratings don’t perform, there’s no assurance of a new arrangement one year from now. It’s the biggest obstacle they have looked in years, and something highlights the challenges awards shows overall are having as they attempt to remain pertinent.
Awards shows overall have not been generating the kind of ratings they used to. The regular case is that famous movies don’t gain appreciation, and no one wants to check out see every one of the awards go to some indie show they’ve never known about – – however it could be considerably simpler than that. Quite a long time ago, the Foundation Awards, the Golden Globes, etc, were a rare chance to see immense stars on honorary pathway and in the function, without having to pay for a seat at the cinema. With social media and an endless number of channels, those opportunities are as of now not rare.
According to Puck, Rock was offered an undisclosed sum, described by one insider as a “shit-ton” of cash, in the hopes of attracting eyeballs to the Golden Globes. Using an exceptionally proper sports similitude, Puck summed up the situation: “the Globes presently are basically an aging player in an agreement year, hoping to stay away from a career-ending injury (like a VIP blacklist), set up impressive-enough numbers, test free office, and eventually take their talents to South Beach-or in this case, CBS or Netflix.”
Considering that everybody needed Rock after last year’s Oscars catastrophe became a web sensation, it’s no surprise that they attempted to get him. It’s also no surprise he turned them down. Regardless of whether he hadn’t proactively dismissed the Oscars, the comic has not been embracing the virality of “The Slap” and has mostly chipped away at the street, doing stand-up.
More than Rock, however, they need to manage the truth that in the event that they can’t acquire some of Hollywood’s generosity back, there wouldn’t be a lot of reason for casual fans to watch the show. What’s more, on the off chance that the ratings are terrible this year, they could find themselves in he same precarious position as last year…but without an obvious strategy going forward.



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