Golden Kamuy Season 4 Releases New Poster

 Golden Kamuy Season 4 Releases New Poster

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Releases New Poster

Golden Kamuy Season 4


Golden Kamuy is one of the returning franchises in the stacked Fall 2022 anime schedule (which is logical going to be the most stacked season of the year overall), and the anime has dropped a new poster for Season 4 to celebrate! Satoru Noda’s original manga run of the series came to an end earlier this year, yet the anime adaptation is still going strong as the fourth season of the series is getting ready. As Sugimoto and Asirpa take on the following part of the dangerous chase after the gold, there are going to be a lot of new players joining the fray this time around.
With the third season of the series splitting up the main couple and showing many more of the interested parties involved in the chase, it seems like it was really just the beginning of all the characters we’ll see involved with the fourth season of the series. There are some new and familiar faces returning for Golden Kamuy Season 4, and you can look at this tease of what to anticipate from the cast underneath with the newest poster for the anime released on the series’ official Twitter account beneath:



10月3日毎週月曜 TOKYO MX、読売テレビ、北海道放送、BS11ほかにて放送開始ッ!!
Prime Videoにて見放題独占配信!

— TVアニメ『ゴールデンカムイ』公式 (@kamuy_anime) September 16, 2022

Golden Kamuy Season 4 is launching on October 3rd in Japan, and will have Shizutaka Sugahara taking over as director at Brain’s Base (from Geno Studio, which had the first three seasons) with new character designer Takumi Yamakawa, and returning scriptwriter Noboru Takagi in tow. The new opening theme for the season is named “NEVER SAY GOODBYE feat. Mummy-D” as performed by Ali, and the new ending theme will be named “I Pray That Everything Will Be There” as performed by THE SPELLBOUND.

To catch up with Golden Kamuy before the new season hits, you can find the series streaming with Crunchyroll. They announced they will be streaming the new season alongside its release too, and tease Season 4 as such, “Separated from Sugimoto, Asirpa currently travels toward the Russian line, focused on discovering more about her and her father’s involvement with the coded tattoos. However, Sugimoto is determined to find and safeguard Asirpa! Along the way, he’ll discover new individuals, new cultures rich with history, and an unforgiving terrain. Will Sugimoto and Asirpa survive their journeys and rejoin?”

Are you ready for Golden Kamuy Season 4’s debut?