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GTA Vice City: How To Get A Helicopter

GTA Vice City: How To Get A Helicopter

GTA Vice City was exceptional round of now is the right time, its free utilization of cheats for upgrading the experience of the player was a one of something kind, there were such countless decisions in vehicles and you could undoubtedly secure them as well. Aside from bicycles and vehicles, you could likewise get your hands on your chopper and helicopters. In this article, you’ll perceive the way you can get a helicopter in GTA Vice City.

How to Get a Helicopter in GTA Vice City

Through Bypass
It has a bypass that can be utilized for obtaining one helicopter, yet the code ought to just be utilized in an extensive area as it drops from the air.
  • Produce Helicopter = AMERICAHELICOPTER
  • Helicopter Missions
  • Destruction Man
  • One of the missions let you utilize a RC helicopter, here you gain to influence a toy helicopter RC Troll for embedding bombs at 4 areas.
  • This mission is obtained as Tommy Vercetti in Avery Building site.
  • You’ll see the areas of the bomb in a yellow triangle and where you need to establish them in pink triangles, on your guide, which is at the left base corner of your screen.
  • Phnom Penh ’86
  • It’s a fundamental part, twelfth mission that opens The Pursuit. You obtain this mission from Richard Diaz in Diaz’s Manor of Starfish Island.
  • You’ll be joined by Spear Vance and you will have to travel to Prawn Island, here you want to kill Streetwannabe’s chief and recover Diaz’s cash from him.
A few helicopters open subsequent to finishing specific missions while some are generally accessible in the game. However, to get your hands on this large number of helicopters, you first need to finish Phnom Penh ’86 mission, it opens the scaffold for the opposite side of the island, where most of helicopters are found.

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