House of the Dragon Episode 6 Clip Reveals Surprising New Heir to the Iron Throne

 House of the Dragon Episode 6 Clip Reveals Surprising New Heir to the Iron Throne

House of the Dragon Episode 6 Clip Reveals Surprising New Heir to the Iron Throne
The following episode of House of the Dragon will be one of the most significant of the whole season. At long last, the series is set to convey the time bounce that has been prodded all along. Fans are going to travel 10 years into the future, and they’ll meet various versions of significant characters, including Rhaenyra and Alicent, who will be played by new actors. There is a ton of energy and interest encompassing this next episode, and HBO has provided fans with a sample of what’s to come.
On Tuesday, HBO let a full clip out of the 6th episode of House of the Dragon. The recording in the clip shows Emma D’Arcy’s interpretation of Rhaenyra, along with John Macmillan, playing a more seasoned version of Laenor Velaryon. In the clip, Rhaenyra brings forth their youngster, who will ultimately be in line for the Iron Throne, considering that she’s her father’s picked heir. Just after birth, be that as it may, she’s apparently summoned by Sovereign Alicent. You can check out the full clip underneath!

Here’s your first look at Emma D’Arcy and John Macmillan in next week’s episode of #HouseoftheDragon. And I’m just getting started. #HBO50

— HBO (@HBO) September 20, 2022

In Sunday’s new episode, D’Arcy is supplanting Milly Alcock in the role of Rhaenyra Targaryen, while Olivia Cooke assumes control over the role of Alicent Hightower from Emily Carey.

Following her final appearance in episode five, Carey talked with Assortment about giving the role of Alicent to Cooke in the approaching episode.

“It’s extremely weird, having this much this much opportunity and this much responsibility for role, and afterward not in any event, having the option to peruse the other contents, since it was so top mystery,” Carey made sense of. “I’m inconceivably eager to see Olivia and Emma [D’Arcy, who plays the grown-up Rhaenyra] do their thing. They are both the loveliest individuals ever, and I’ve respected Olivia as work for a long time. So to have the option to hand off a role to her surprisingly fills me with such a lot of satisfaction and pride.”

“I just can hardly stand by to see the episodes and really watch the show with the watcher, and not be wincing at myself,” she added. “I can really take it in according to a crowd of people’s point of view, which is very great.”