Kenta Responds to Bobby Fish’s CM Punk and AEW Finisher Comments

 Kenta Responds to Bobby Fish’s CM Punk and AEW Finisher Comments

Kenta Responds to Bobby Fish's CM Punk and AEW Finisher Comments

CM Punk has been at the focal point of much discussion inside the wrestling scene and amongst AEW fans since Hard and fast and the fight that happened subsequently, and that continues to be the case an entire week after the fact. One individuals to say something regarding Punk’s AEW residency was Bobby Fish, who was previously in a match against Punk and uncovered that Punk’s mentality annoyed him after their match, and in a new meeting he also raised Punk’s finisher. Fish raised the way that Punk is using the GTS as his finisher, which is Kenta’s finisher, and presently Kenta has shown up as well.
In hsi interview with NBC Sports Boston’s The Ten Count, Fish said “also, the move he finished me with, it’s not his, it’s Kenta’s. Phil, you took a man’s finishing move,” Fish closed. “Any individual who knows genius wrestling knows that is f- – ked up. You weren’t even adequately good to change the name.”

Hey Bobby.
You are 100% right.

— KENTA aka Lil’K (@KENTAG2S) September 10, 2022

Kenta shared that extract from the meeting and concurred totally with Fish, composing on Twitter “Hello Bobby. You are 100 percent right.” Punk hasn’t remarked on Fish’s comments yet or the fight that took place during the Hard and fast media scrum.

Fish’s meeting also remembered his thoughts for Punk’s demeanor after their match, and he didn’t really like how things worked out. “I’m working for AEW, they’re paying my check, you ask me to put my shoulders down for Phil Brooks (CM Punk), I go out and do it. Interestingly, there was a little anything in the match we had, and Phil was…after the match, Phil was a c- – t,” Fish said. “Honestly, as a military artist, I went out and laid my shoulders down for you, you should be thankful that I did because on public television, assuming I concluded that I needed to f- – ruler Haku your a- – , I could have because you’re that tad of a danger in my reality. I’m not Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, but rather I’ve been doing hand to hand fighting to where I can hold you like a wet rest Phil Brooks. For you to be c- – ty later, for a mistake you made, it doesn’t wear well.”