Kevin Smith Celebrates Secret Stash Press Releasing First Comic Maskerade

 Kevin Smith Celebrates Secret Stash Press Releasing First Comic Maskerade

Kevin Smith Celebrates Secret Stash Press Releasing First Comic Maskerade
Kevin Smith has turned into a cabin industry throughout the long term, delivering non mainstream movies for a specialty crowd, as well as claiming a comic book shop – – Jay and Quiet Weave’s Secret Stash – – where he sells his own films, yet comic likewise comic books, activity figures, and garments in light of them. Presently, Smith is praising the arrival of Maskerade, the first title from Secret Stash Press, an engraving of Surprisingly strong contender Comics that will be the new home for Smith and his companions and associates. And keeping in mind that Maskerade is another title completely, highlighting activity and viciousness and all that comic book stuff, there’s some more conventional Kevin Smith stuff descending the street, as well.
In the end credits for Representatives III, which had a restricted delivery in the U.S. last week, there’s notice of Speedy Stops, another comic that will happen inside Smith’s View Askewniverse, sharing stories including the characters from Assistants, Mallrats, Pursuing Amy, and then some. That, and Maskerade, are both accessible to purchase as a marked membership at the Stash site.
You can see Smith’s cheerleading for the first new book beneath.

Felicia Dance is going unnoticed without really having to try. The provocative virtual entertainment star and shock television sensation has perhaps of the most conspicuous face on the planet so she can’t catch and kill the butchers who killed her younger sibling and investigated Felicia like a guinea pig when she was a youngster. Not except if she appears as though another person.
The essence of equity is reshaped always in Maskerade-an astonishing new vigilante comic series from authors Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh and artist John Sprengelmeyer, denoting the unique presentation of Smith’s Secret Stash Press engrave with his own special vigilante!
An all new science fiction wrongdoing show from essayist and producer Kevin Smith and screenwriter Andy McElfresh! Variation cover by Francesco Francavilla and Stash Selective cover by Walter Flanagan.

Fast STOPS #1
Essayist: Kevin Smith, Artist: Jeremy Simser, and Cover Artist: John Sprengelmeyer
Enter the Askewniverse when mainstream society disturbance Kevin Smith’s fresh out of the plastic new compilation series really gets started, telling fanciful stories from the Jersey universe of his exemplary comedies!
In the debut issue, Persistent Con visitor of honor Holden McNeil tells Alyssa Jones and a stuffed web recording crowd his account of going green with unbelievable loiterers Jay and Quiet Bounce in the Fast Stop cooler, and how it straightforwardly prompted the introduction of his Bluntman and Ongoing comic books!
The series will include highly contrasting comics like the Agents films, as well as additional misfortunes with Jay and Quiet Sway!

My new @DarkHorseComics book MASKERADE is in comic book shops all around the world RIGHT NOW! Or you can join Kev’s Comics Club at @The_SecretStash and get signed copies sent every month, including a Stash exclusive cover by @sundayjeff!

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