Marvel’s Captain America and Black Panther Game Has Good News for Single-Player Fans

 Marvel’s Captain America and Black Panther Game Has Good News for Single-Player Fans

Marvel's Captain America and Black Panther Game Has Good News for Single-Player Fans

It seems like Skydance’s untitled Captain America and Black Panther game will not be center. Marvel Games has been dealing with making a computer game world comparable to the MCU, regardless of whether the games aren’t necessarily associated. For years, Marvel games fluctuated in quality. Some were considered the pinnacle of the class and others just added to the possibility that film tie-in games or superhero titles were just rushed cash grabs. Be that as it may, throughout recent years, Marvel has been attempting to ensure its heroes gain the appropriate appreciation in the gaming medium. In spite of the fact that they haven’t all been grand slams, games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Guardians of the Universe have shown developers are fit for rejuvenating these characters whenever given the legitimate time and financial plan.
One of the teams dealing with a Marvel game right presently is Skydance New Media. The group is driven by Amy Hennig, the essayist and inventive head of the first three Strange games, and they’re all dealing with another The Second Great War time game about Captain America and Black Panther. As of this moment, details are really scarce, however we truly do realize it’s planned to be an extremely realistic and story driven game. There are also four playable characters in the game which drove some to feel that the game may be center. While it hasn’t been affirmed somehow, a description of the game notes that the four characters are playable at “various points in the story”, suggesting you’ll switch between characters relying upon what you’re doing and not choosing them at whatever point you need.

Here is the description of the new MARVEL ensemble game project headed by @amy_hennig

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) September 9, 2022

Given two of these characters aren’t superpowered, it’s a good idea for Skydance to choose when you play as specific characters, otherwise players would just pick Captain America or Black Panther. Of course, given the game doesn’t actually have a title and we know very little, things could change from now on. Nonetheless, given the stated focus on conveying a realistic, story driven game, it seems improbable it will be center.