Home Latest News Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker’s New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)

Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker’s New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)


 Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker’s New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)

Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker's New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)

Matthew Rosenberg has seen his DC yield increase over the last couple of years, and will add significantly more titles to his resume this fall. Alongside penning a new WildC.A.T.s comic series, Rosenberg will write the newest volume of The Joker. James Tynion IV and Guillem Walk were the last collaborators on The Joker, with Jim Gordon and other dangerous individuals chasing the Comedian Prince of Wrongdoing. The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing from Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico will get the baton while also establishing a new status quo for the series, as another mysterious figure stalks Batman’s greatest nemesis.
ComicBook.com had the opportunity to talk with Matthew Rosenberg about his plans for The Joker. The writer spoke about continuing Joker’s terroristic escapades, taking the villain on a cross-back road trip across the DC Universe, surprise guest appearances, working with Carmine Di Giandomenico, and substantially more. You can also investigate review art for The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing. The first issue is scheduled for an October fourth release.
Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker's New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)

Launching a New Volume of The Joker
ComicBook.com: How would you move toward a series like The Joker, where you’re getting to relaunch it with a new number one, while also picking up the baton from James Tynion?
Matthew Rosenberg: It’s always precarious to move toward a book like this, because The Joker obviously has an amazing history and over 80 years of stories to pull from. So you want to accomplish something that feels fresh and unique, yet you also want to ensure that you’re honoring everything that preceded. For this book, it’s especially precarious because James and Guillem [March] and that group made such an amazing book, and it’s so later, so it took me quite a while to break exactly the way in which we wanted to handle picking up from that point.
I think the thought is we’re sort of treating it like a continuation of what they were doing, yet additionally a totally fresh start. So in the event that you haven’t perused it before, you should, however on the off chance that you haven’t perused their book, we have a new protagonist in the series, we have a new course, yet storywise The Joker is picking up just a couple of weeks or perhaps a month after where that series finished. And so we want to ensure that the fans of what they did, which I’m a tremendous fan of what they did, we want to ensure that those fans understand what they’re getting and understand it and it feels natural, yet additionally by the finish of what we’re doing, it should feel like something else altogether and something else altogether in the event that we went about our responsibilities right. So it’s a complicated balancing act, however I feel like we’ve pulled it off in the first couple of issues. I feel like nobody’s going to be lost, and everybody’s going to realize that we’re going someplace unique with it.

Matthew Rosenberg Teases The Joker's New Blood-Soaked Mystery (Exclusive)
The Joker’s New Status Quo
For readers that may not be cutting-edge, what’s the status quo of The Joker when readers get the first issue?
The Joker was on the pursued being pursued by a ton of extremely dangerous individuals and Jim Gordon, who was working for some of those individuals and also working for himself. And at the finish of their series, he vanished. He’d left Gotham and was gone. At the point when we get, this is The Joker’s re-visitation of Gotham. He’s returned, he’s made some little memories from the city to think and see what he wants to do, and he has some huge plans.
He wants to return to the status that he’s had of being the most dangerous villain in Gotham, or perhaps on the planet. And so he’s setting the plan moving and coming toward some problems and some resistance, especially in Gotham, where when you leave, they don’t hold your place for you. Individuals will dominate, and he runs into some of his old coworkers in the form of Two-Face and Dark Mask, and individuals like that, and they’re not exactly welcoming to him coming back. So that’s where we sort of come in, is that The Joker is prepared to begin again at being the classic Joker, and finding that perhaps there isn’t quite space for him.

Joker’s Cross-Nation Excursion
What went behind the decision to put Joker on a cross-back road trip across the US?
It’s a couple of things. It’s difficult to recount a Joker story in Gotham that doesn’t wind up becoming mostly a Batman story, and we would have rather not done that. This is The Joker’s book and this is Joker trying to get back to his greatness, and it’s hard when you have Batmans and Robins and Nightwings and this large number of individuals who will impede him. So as he gets to Gotham and tries to get back to his brilliance, he rapidly realizes that it’s not going to work and he has to expand and change what he does and change his location. So it’s Joker progressing, but at the same time there’s a ton of Gotham stuff in there. I must be a little unclear about it here, yet it’ll start to check out. The city is a major part of The Joker’s legend, and so we want to ensure there are ties to it, however we also want to see him expanding to new places he’s won’t ever be.
DC Universe Guest Appearances
Aside from seeing some Batman characters in the series, the excursion aspect of it serves up a special opportunity to take Joker to some various locations in the DC Universe. Are there chances of seeing some non-Batman characters show up in the series?
For sure, better believe it. That’s part of the fun of what we’re trying to do, is ensure that The Joker has a chance to demonstrate what his identity is by putting him in places he’s won’t ever be. That’s really the thought. And so there are a couple from the get-go, a couple non-ordinary Batman characters who are going to show up, and as we go, it’s going to be a book that takes you places you’ve never been in the DC Universe. Yet additionally, there’ll be some natural faces who he’s going to run over, for sure.



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