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Midnight Suns #1 Review: A Solid Start for What’s Still to Come


 Midnight Suns #1 Review: A Solid Start for What’s Still to Come

Midnight Suns #1 Review: A Solid Start for What's Still to Come

In the expansive list of Marvel superhero ensembles, Midnight Suns (or Midnight Sons, as it has all the more frequently been called) is one of the lesser known teams. First established in during the 1990s, Midnight Suns is a gathering formed by Ghost Rider that has noticeably featured characters that are all the more frequently attached to mystical elements of the Marvel universe such as Blade, Morbius, Moon Knight, and Doctor Strange. Presently, with another Midnight Suns computer game set to release later this year, Marvel is getting back the squad the form of a five-issue miniseries. And while it remains to be seen the way that this series evolves, issue #1 primarily sets the stage for the contention at hand and introduces the members comprising this version of Midnight Suns.
Midnight Suns #1 doesn’t waste a lot of opportunity with regards to presenting the critical clash at the focal point of this series. After having an apocaplyptic vision representing things to come, the youthful magician in training Zoe Laveau is shown to play a critical job in an ensuing cataclysmic occasion. Having also seen this occasion via the same vision for themselves, this prompts Blade, Spirit Rider, Magik, Agatha Harkness, Nico Minoru, and Wolverine to come together and attempt and catch Laveau before this chain of events can start and, assumedly, destroy the world.
In a nutshell, it’s still hard for me to have strong feelings about the narrative that Midnight Suns spins in its first installment. The clear goal from author Ethan Sacks was to simply assemble the new arrangement that will comprise the Midnight Suns. This issue is even named “Rise of the Suns,” which shows it’s self-apparent purpose is to get the team together and not much else. Fortunately, it accomplishes that aim rapidly, which sets up future issues to then take these plot points and run with them.
What excites me most about Midnight Suns pushing ahead is that the series seems like it will be collapsing in various different characters from the Marvel universe. Rather than just sticking with the same roster of familiar faces throughout the span of this miniseries, the final pages of MIdnight Suns #1 suggest that this story could hope to incorporate characters that you probably won’t consider with regards to this team. While this could just be an oddball cameo, it does give me trust that Midnight Suns will wind up going to places that I wouldn’t initially anticipate.
On the art front, Luigi Zagaria’s work in Midnight Suns #1 is commendable, however it feels like he hasn’t had a lot of space to show off just yet, especially on the environmental design front. This is largely because of the fact that quite a bit of this initial issue takes place in a handful rooms and corridors. Character designs from Zagaria are basic, with facial expressions being restricted. The style at hand here from Zagaria isn’t bad, however Midnight Suns also seems like it won’t be a series that I hope to read primarily for the art. I’m crossing my fingers that my tune on this front changes as additional issues carry out.
For the most part, Midnight Suns #1 is straightforward and doesn’t do a ton to be considered excessively positive or negative. While there aren’t many exciting moments in this issue, the stage has been set for this series to foster in an enjoyable manner with four impending installments.The success of Midnight Suns will really depend on how it develops starting here, and to that end, I’m seeing in excess of a couple of reasons to be optimistic. Assuming that you’re getting yourself eager to play the Marvel’s Midnight Suns computer game later this year, this new series seems like it could hold you over until the launch.



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