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Mufasa: The Lion King Announced as Disney’s Live-Action Sequel

Mufasa: The Lion King Announced as Disney’s Live-Action Sequel

We presently realize the principal subtleties encompassing Disney’s PC created “true to life” spin-off of The Lion King. During Walt Disney Studios’ board at D23 Exhibition on Friday, chief Barry Jenkins uncovered that the film will be named Mufasa: the Lion King, and is supposed to make a big appearance in theaters in 2024. The film will purportedly be told in two different time spans, as Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, and recount the history of Mufasa to another fledgling, while we see Mufasa ascend to eminence. Those going to the board were additionally treated to a concise secret trailer of film, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t seem as though it will be delivered online at any point in the near future,’s Jamie Jirak given a selective depiction of what it involves.

Mufasa: The Lion King. 2024.

— Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) September 9, 2022

“Mystery begins with whelp Mufasa. ‘Not a drop of regal blood.” He moves cleared away in some water. It closes with Timon and Pumbaa joking ‘We aren’t in this film?’ So.. they are.”

The movie will be coordinated by Jenkins with a content from Jeff Nathanson. Aaron Pierre will voice Mufasa in the new film, with Kelvin Harrison Jr. voicing Scar.

“I grew up with this characters, they mean such a great amount to me,” Jenkins made sense of in a meeting this previous month. “I figure the work that Jeff Nathanson, the essayist, did and returning into truly helping youngsters and anybody who at any point adored this property comprehend the stuff. Kings aren’t recently conceived, they aren’t recently made. They need to become who they are through a progression of occasions that a many individuals can connect with. Thus, in that stance, it fits very well with all the other things I’ve done. So I feel no tension, I simply maintain that should work really hard.”

“My representatives send me a ton of contents. At the point when this one came, very highly confidential, I was extremely wary,” Jenkins told Chloe Zhao during a shot meeting in 2020. “I read the content and around 40 pages in I went to Humdinger [Wang] and I said, ‘Sacred s**t, this is great.’ And as I continued to peruse, I moved further away from the side of my mind that said, ‘Goodness, a movie producer as you doesn’t make a film like this,’ and permitted myself to reach the point where these characters, this story, is astounding. What truly pushed me across the line was James, my DP, said, ‘Guess what? There’s something truly fascinating in this method of filmmaking that we haven’t done and that very few individuals have done.’ That was the point at which I returned to the people pulling the strings and said, ‘I couldn’t want anything more than to do this, yet I must have the option to do what I do.'” 

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