New Spy x Family Trailer Previews the Anime’s Return: Watch

 New Spy x Family Trailer Previews the Anime’s Return: Watch

New Spy x Family Trailer Previews the Anime's Return: Watch

Spy x Family is returning to televisions, and fans couldn’t be more prepared for the rebound. On the off chance that you didn’t have any idea, the anime came to a close in the spring and gave the Falsifier family time to rest over the summer. Presently, the fall season is just weeks out, and a new trailer for Spy x Family is here to publicity its midseason premiere.
As you can see underneath, the trailer is loaded up with new film, and fans are given a smart thought of what season one has in store for them. To our pleasure, a lot of dogs are highlighted in this reel, yet it seems a gathering of villains has nefarious plans for the little guy. Nonetheless, one of them should be natural to fans, and they can collaborate with Anya after a short time.




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Of course, the trailer showcases Yor and Loid as the pair approach their lives as parents. At a certain point, the mother is seen saving Anya from a strange man, and Loid looks serious in several shots as he meets with other WISE agents. Obviously, something significant is going down in this last 50% of season one, so fans won’t have any desire to miss out on this rebound.

Furthermore, of course, this all has yet to make reference to the trailer’s theme song. Spy x Family is getting a new opening this fall, and we have gotten our first taste of the track in this reel. The single is “Souvenir” is done by Knock of Chicken, and its snappy beat suits the anime just fine.

On the off chance that you are not found Spy x Family, you can watch the first 50% of season one right now on Crunchyroll. You can find the anime’s official synopsis as follows for additional details on the hit series: “Master spy Nightfall is unmatched when it comes to going secret on dangerous missions to improve the world. In any case, when he receives a definitive assignment-to get hitched and have a youngster he may finally be in a tight spot! Not one to rely upon others, Sundown has a challenging situation to deal with procuring both a spouse and a kid for his mission to infiltrate a first class non-public school. What he cannot deny is that the spouse he’s chosen is an assassin and the kid he’s taken on is a clairvoyant!”