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PlayStation Rumored to Reveal New IP for PS5 Soon

 PlayStation Rumored to Reveal New IP for PS5 Soon

A new talk has come about this week suggesting that PlayStation will soon reveal a new IP that will probably be coming to PlayStation 5 control center from now on. In recent weeks, reports and bits of hearsay have been vigorously surrounding suggesting that Sony is wanting to hold a new “PlayStation Showcase” event or the like very soon. And keeping in mind that Sony itself hasn’t affirmed this to be true, it seems like we currently have a thought of what one potential announcement could be at this presentation assuming it happens.
As indicated by a Twitter client that goes by “The Insider,” Sony is getting ready to reveal a new IP or some likeness thereof within the next few weeks. While details are still meager, this gossip suggests that an announcement from PlayStation will probably happen before September comes to a nearby. Further information associated with the nature of this project and the studio that might be chipping away at the hypothetical game were not given.

Just got word of a AAA PlayStation New IP being revealed in the next 2-3 weeks. You know what that means… More details to come.

And yes, I’m the one who sent @insider_wtf the DM.

— The Insider (@TheReaIInsider) September 12, 2022

It’s worth stressing that this new PlayStation gossip ought to be taken with a pretty large grain of salt. Despite the fact that “The Insider” has had an accurate scoops lately in relation to other computer game announcements, they still haven’t built up a sufficiently enormous track record to be thought of as entirely dependable just yet. As such, don’t get too excited about this gossip until we advance more from Sony in an authority capacity.

Still, as mentioned before, considering that we’ve heard recent bits of gossip and reports about a new PlayStation Showcase occurring sooner rather than later, this talk isn’t implausible using any and all means. Assuming that PlayStation held a new event soon to flaunt impending titles coming to PS5, it would check out for a new IP to be among these reveals.


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