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Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul: Why Is It Happening?

Roman Reigns

 Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul: Why Is It Happening?

Roman Reigns will safeguard his Undisputed WWE Widespread Title against YouTuber and fighter Logan Paul in the main occasion of the Crown Gem premium live occasion on Nov. 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Paul marked an agreement with WWE recently, however he has just been in the ring for two matches — at WrestleMania 38 in a label group match against The Mysterios and at SummerSlam against The Miz. After interactions on Paul’s podcast, web-based entertainment and last week’s episode of SmackDown, the match between the pair was affirmed at a question and answer session in Las Vegas on Saturday facilitated by Triple H.
So why is this match happening? According to Dave Meltzer during his most recent appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Occasion, it mostly has to do with entertaining the Saudi Middle Eastern government who consented to an insanely worthwhile arrangement for WWE to run arena shows in the country two times every year.
“No joking matter in Saudi Arabia,” Meltzer said. “He’s no joking matter for the Saudi Bedouin prince and that’s the entire thing of these shows.”
He then noticed the decision had nothing to do with ticket deals — “Nothing to do with that. Tickets in Saudi Arabia amount to nothing. It’s not even part of the game. Obviously, television numbers whatever. Assuming he draws more youthful watchers, that’s great however it’s not a play for television ratings. It is a play in light of the fact that the prince needs celebrity battles in Saudi Arabia to construct the name in the media of Saudi Arabia and Logan Paul will get a greater amount of the kind of press that Saudi Arabia is looking for than Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins. That’s the very thing that Saudi Arabia is there for. Saudi Arabia is for matches that the prince needs that will get press consideration all over the planet for Saudi Arabia so this is an extraordinary counterpart for that.”
Reigns talked with various correspondents who were at the question and answer session and kept garbage talking Paul — “While I’m sitting on a similar stage and I hear a portion of that stupid shit regurgitated [from Logan], obviously, it’s going to outrage me, and things are going to pop off. Simultaneously, before he came here, no disrespect, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what his identity was. I’m not a 15-year-old little young lady. I don’t watch Logan Paul or any of the Paul/YouTube video blog individuals. That’s not the thing I do.
“So I definitely approve of him not watching me, since he was in the middle of doing what he does and that’s videotaping himself doing God-knows-what. So go tape yourself doing God-knows-what and leave the genuine games entertainment, the expert wrestling, to individuals like me, and there’s no one like me,” he included an interview with SecondsOut.
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