Solo Sikoa Makes WWE SmackDown Debut, Officially Part of The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa Makes WWE SmackDown Debut, Officially Part of The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa Makes WWE SmackDown Debut, Officially Part of The Bloodline

The Undisputed WWE All inclusive Title was on the line at Conflict at the Palace, and at one point maybe Drew McIntyre would be the one to end Roman Rules’ Title rule. That didn’t wind up occurring however, as Solo Sikoa would mediate for Rules’ benefit and assist the Clan leader with holding his Title, and this evening Sikoa would make his SmackDown debut. Sikoa emerged with The Usos and Sami Zayn, and during their promotion, it would be uncovered that Sikoa is presently officially a part of The Bloodline. Sikoa would then be faced by Drew McIntyre, and after he went after them and cleared the ring, McIntyre would get a match against Sikoa later in the evening.
Toward the beginning of their match later on, McIntyre went just after him and hit with strikes, hacks, and kicks in the corner. Sikoa returned with his own variety of strikes and punches, and afterward McIntyre had Sikoa reeling briefly after a hard punch to the head. McIntyre returned with a clothesline and afterward pummeled him into the turnbuckle however at that point Sikoa hit a back elbow just to be rammed somewhere near McIntyre.

“You come for my family and I come for you.”

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McIntyre energized for a Claymore however at that point Jimmy and Jey hauled Sikoa out of the ring to refocus a little. Jimmy, Jey, and Zayn all collaborated on McIntyre to allow Sikoa the opportunity to get back in the ring and he promoted, wrecking McIntyre and holding him down with immense steps to the ribs and punches to the head.

McIntyre was in torment and afterward when the official wasn’t looking Jey smacked McIntyre directly upside the head while Zayn ran interruption. Sikoa tossed more punches and wrecked McIntyre back in the corner, however he returned with a couple of cleaves just to get hit with a Midsection to Bellly Suplex. Sikoa attempted to stick him yet McIntyre threw out. Sikoa charged forward and banged into McIntyre with his hip, following it up with insults and a couple of smacks to the face.

McIntyre emerged from the corner with a clothesline and afterward wrecked Sikoa back with a back elbow. Then he tossed him over to the other side of the ring and afterward followed it up with a Neckbreaker. McIntyre was in a good place again and afterward wrecked Jey off the ring cover however Sikoa moved him up. McIntyre threw out and afterward he tossed all the Usos to the floor, yet when he went to jump Zayn halted him. McIntyre tossed Zayn over the ropes into the ring, and afterward he went for a Claymore yet Sikoa superkicked him to the head and covered him, however McIntyre threw out.


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Sikoa and McIntyre exchanged punches and afterward McIntyre hit a headbutt, however at that point Jey and Jimmy pulled McIntyre over the ropes and carried him to the ground as they punched and trampled him. The Road Profits emerged to make the save however at that point Zayn came in and recovered control just for Montez Passage to jump off the top rope and clear everybody.

McIntyre was then lifted by Sikoa however he countered and hit a Claymore, however it sent Sikoa over the ropes and to the floor. Before McIntyre could get him back in the ring Karrion Kross appeared suddenly and secured in the Kross Coat, and keeping in mind that McIntyre contended energetically, he was unable to wind up breaking out of it. Kross has had McIntyre in his sights for some time now, and that isn’t changing at any point in the near future.