Star Wars: Andor First Reactions Arrive Online

 Star Wars: Andor First Reactions Arrive Online

Star Wars: Andor First Reactions Arrive Online

Star Wars fans are getting ready to get back to a world a long ways off with the appearance of the franchise’s latest television series. Andor, a prequel to Rebel One: A Star Wars Story, is releasing three episodes on Disney+ on September 21st. On Thursday night, the social media ban for the series lifted, permitting members of the press who screened the show ahead of schedule to share their thoughts with others online. As you likely guessed by the trailers, this new Star Wars story is a piece not quite the same as the others Disney+ has released over the last several years.
Generally, the reactions to Andor have been exceptionally positive. Many are praising its new vision for the universe of Star Wars, which is more worried about seedy underworlds and regular individuals than lightsabers and the Power. After numerous shows focused on notable characters and well known cameos, Andor rapidly proves itself to be something altogether different altogether.
Everybody is clarifying that this isn’t the Star Wars that we’ve generally expected on Disney+, yet that is an integral reason why they seem to cherish it so much.
You can look at some of the first reactions to Andor underneath!
Powerful Work

I’m absolutely blown away by the audacity of #ANDOR. We often have to say “Star Wars has always been political” to counter people who would deny that fact. Well this show is actively angry at the people denying it. Audacious, timely, raw, & exceedingly thoughtful. Powerful work.

— Alden Diaz 🎙 (@ThatAldenDiaz) September 16, 2022


I’ve only seen the first two episodes of ANDOR so far, but it’s a very cool, very different flavor of STAR WARS.

I like this new POV on this galaxy.

— DrewMcWeeny (@DrewMcWeeny) September 16, 2022


I’ve seen the first 3 eps of #Andor and I say this with the utmost conviction: this is going to be the show that gets me back into Star Wars. ANDOR introduces new, memorable characters, plus an intriguing arc for Andor. And it actually has something to say!

Ep 3 is spectacular.

— David Chen (@davechensky) September 16, 2022