Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown Releases Anime Opening

 Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown Releases Anime Opening

Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown Releases Anime Opening

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Sword Art Online has kept busy this past year in the background, and anime fans will be gifted with a new film in a little while thanks to practically everything. A-1 Pictures might have needed to defer the IP’s next release, yet Asuna will get back to the big screen before the year runs up. Of course, fans are also in line to get a special versatile game named Sword Art Online: Variant Shadow to pay tribute to the franchise’s tenth anniversary. What’s more, presently, the anime’s group has released its own opening for the game.
As you can see over, the clasp showcases the wide word Variant Shadow will rejuvenate. Everybody from Kirito to Leafa and Eugeo can be tracked down in the clasp. So as promised, this ambitious game will unite just about each person from Sword Art Online. All furthermore, honestly, is there a superior method for praising the IP than to join its top stars?

NEWS: “Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown” – Full Opening!

A-1 Pictures was in charge of the animation, while Eir Noi performs the theme song “ANSWER”.pic.twitter.com/jOws2ZHQ7e

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This new promotion shows just the way that expansive Variant Showdown will be, and of course, A-1 Pictures brought its signature style to the opening. The studio also tapped Eir Noi to play out the game’s signature song. The track “Answer” can be heard over this new promotion, and the single certainly suits the game.

Of course, fans will get to evaluate Variant Showdown in a little while. The game promises to acquaint a new world with the cutting edge series. So to find out about the first title, you can look into the game’s true description underneath:

“It’s a title Kirito has heard previously. A game that has drawn in a ton of consideration from players, not least because it was supposedly designed by a center school genius. One day at the Uncertain Bistro, Kirito hears two rumors about Cross Edge. The first: There’s a mysterious player who attacks out of the blue. Losing to them means losing your very own part memories. The second: This player goes around wearing a hood pulled low to conceal their eyes… Kirito can’t resist the urge to review Snickering Final resting place, the player-executioner organization he looked in SAO. In part to investigate these rumors, Kirito and his friends start playing Cross Edge…and are soon designated in a surprise assault.”