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The Handmaid’s Tale Sequel Series Will Follow Final Season on Hulu


The Handmaid’s Tale Sequel Series Will Follow Final Season on Hulu

It was recently uncovered that after The Handmaid’s Story television series wrapped up at Hulu that a variation of Margaret Atwood’s subsequent novel The Confirmations would show up a short time later. Since Hulu and MGM have affirmed that The Handmaid’s Story has been restored for a 6th and last season, series maker, showrunner and leader maker Bruce Mill operator has affirmed that discussion of what comes next is well in progress. Talking in another meeting with The Hollywood Correspondent, Mill operator offered a report on the subsequent series. In the pages of Atwood’s continuation novel, things get 15 years after the fact from the consummation of The Handmaid’s Story, however subtleties for the true to life The Confirmations are as yet being worked out.
“The Confirmations was an autonomous curve made by Margaret Atwood for the series I was dealing with. I think she had it in her mind for some time. I attempted however much as could reasonably be expected, I’m actually trying, to not actually make The Handmaid’s Story about The Confirmations,” Mill operator shared about the new series. “The Handmaid’s Story ought to be great all alone and when it’s finished, it ought to be a decent Television that you put on the rack close to the novel, and it ideally adds to your delight in it, and afterward you can move onto The Confirmations.”
He adds, “The manner in which Margaret made it happen, which is great, is that you close one and you say, ‘I don’t need to open that. In any case, how about we open the following one and see what’s in there. It very well may be anything.’ It is a continuation, however it’s more similar to a different section. The skylines are more boundless.”
Mill operator added another report about chipping away at The Confirmations, explicitly ensuring that he gets subtleties like characters ages and world structure right. He adds, “In light of the fact that the universes are marginally unique with timing, and everything that are different between a network show and a novel, I need to sort out those easily overlooked details. I’m attempting to lay the preparation.”



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