WandaVision and Moon Knight Writer Confirms They Co-Wrote Marvel’s Werewolf by Night

 WandaVision and Moon Knight Writer Confirms They Co-Wrote Marvel’s Werewolf by Night

WandaVision and Moon Knight Writer Confirms They Co-Wrote Marvel's Werewolf by Night

Peter Cameron is an overall newcomer to the Marvel Realistic Universe, yet the scribe finds himself as busy as ever. Cameron figured out how to land himself in the writer’s space for both WandaVision and Moon Knight, co-expressing “On an Exceptionally Special Episode…” and “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” for the previous and “The Well disposed Type” and “The Burial place” with the last option. Presently, he’s uncovered he also wrote one of the MCU’s newest projects.
In a tweet throughout the end of the week, Cameron retweeted the Werewolf by Night teaser, confirming he co-wrote the script alongside Heather Quinn, another Marvel veteran. Quinn has credits on Marvel’s Hawkeye, co-stating “Partners, Am I Right?” with Erin Cancino.

What he said, only swap ‘directed’ for ‘co-wrote with marvel warrior Heather Quinn’. Cannae wait, @m_giacchino!!! https://t.co/yTVOYrXNle

— Peter Cameron (@OldTimeCameron) September 10, 2022

Cameron’s declaration helps flesh the filmmaking group out much further. Notwithstanding the two writers, it’s been uncovered that Michael Giachhino is making his Marvel first time at the helm on the venture.

“I’ve been having a great time. It’s a staggeringly difficult process. I love it,” Giacchino previously told ComicBook.com in an exclusive meeting. “Regular, I’ve been having a great time dealing with it and we’re int he center of it. Ideally, very soon we’ll share significantly more about it. Definitely. There’s very little I can’t say other than I’m living it up and I’m dealing with something that I love. So, that is a mutually beneficial not too far off.”

Marvel’s true synopsis for the special can be found underneath:

“On a dull and somber night, a secret secrecy of monster hunters rise out of the shadows and accumulate at the premonition Bloodstone Sanctuary following the demise of their chief,” the synopsis reads. “In a strange and grotesque remembrance to the pioneer’s life, the attendees are thrust into a mysterious and lethal competition for a strong artifact — a chase that will at last carry them eye to eye with a dangerous monster.”