WCW and NJPW Legend Makes Shocking Appearance At AEW Grand Slam

 WCW and NJPW Legend Makes Shocking Appearance At AEW Grand Slam

WCW and NJPW Legend Makes Shocking Appearance At AEW Grand Slam

AEW Grand Slam

Tonight’s AEW Frenzy started off with a match between the teams of Sting and Darby Allin and the House of Dark, and Pal Matthews, Brody King, and Julia Hart wasted no time trying to get the high ground. They would take Sting out of the match for some time by handcuffing him, but just when it looked as on the off chance that he was done, WCW and NJPW legend and current NOAH star The Great Muta would show up and make the save, helping his previous tag partner and nemesis Sting. You can look at his large return in the post underneath.
Right off the bat in the match, King would get Allin out of the ring and that would permit Matthews and Hart to take Sting down and send him careening over the ropes and through a table. Then they would get him handcuffed and out of commission so they could focus on Allin.

😱 The Great MUTA @muto_keiji is here at #AEWRampage Grand Slam! One of @Sting’s greatest rivals of all time has appeared – but where do his loyalties lie? It’s #AEWRampage Grand Slam on @tntdrama! pic.twitter.com/nQRZmsfgUu

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 24, 2022

At one point Matthews and Hart would set up a seat and sit Sting down in it, and then Matthews would get Sting’s bat and come to the ring to attack him with it. Sting would chuckle in his face and almost taunt him into hitting him with the bat.

Matthews was set to oblige but then the field went dull. At the point when the lights returned on it was The Great Muta emerging from the entrance incline, and Matthews was stunned. Sting was delighted, and that continued when Muta advanced into the ring. Matthews didn’t know what to do, and then it appeared as though Muta would actually attack Sting, but then he turned around and stood in front of him to protect him from Matthews.

Then Muta hit Matthews with the green mist and at that point Sting liberated himself. He pinned Matthews for the 3-count and that was it for House of Dark.