Jesse Gouldsbury, the director of VelociPastor 2 On Upholding a Cult Classic’s Legacy

Velocipastor 2

Last week, the filmmakers behind the viral cult hit The VelociPastor took to Kickstarter with expectations of subsidizing a continuation. Velocipastor 2 is greater in scope, taking the characters to Italy to face off against a slasher aiming to kill as many virgins as they can at a fruitfulness festival. Brendan Steere, who composed and coordinated the principal movie, composed the enhanced one with maker Jesse Gouldsbury, who will coordinate the spin-off while Steere produces. That interaction was as straightforward as Steere choosing at one point that he wanted to zero in on composition, while Gouldsbury was attempting to get some coordinating work added to his repertoire.

The film reunites original stars Greg Cohan and Alyssa Kempinski, yet Gouldsbury advised that there will be amazing chances to acquire other individuals from The VelociPastor cast – – even a few whose characters passed on in the original film. Exactly what those ways are? Indeed, you’ll have to wait and see.

The announcement teaser for VelociPastor 2 didn’t give fans a ton to happen about the story, although there’s some more (as well as some concept art) at the Kickstarter campaign page. One point they made without a doubt? The cheap-looking dinosaur – – his name is Boone, incidentally – – will be back. The video even kidded about the unthinkable nature of involving CGI dinosaurs in a VelociPastor continuation.

“We’re not doing CG,” Gouldsbury told “I have no qualms with, or anything really against CGI. There’s such an excess of expertise that goes into making something look hyper-realistic, or in any event, getting to do something adapted. It’s such a cool medium. I’m bad at CGI. I’ve opened up Blender a couple of times to do some stuff for 3D printing, yet I really regard what they’re doing. It’s simply not where my abilities lie. My abilities lie in practical impacts, and miniatures, and carving, stuff like that. It’s like, “Cool. I want to lean into that, then.” When I see something super-realistic in a Marvel film or something, I’m like “That’s cool, that looks real,” however I’m not wowed by it. Assuming that I see something very adapted and takes a ton of freedoms – like, artificial realism – I’m like, ‘This is cool. This feels like someone has a vision for it.'”

The original film was released in 2019, after several years on the festival circuit, and was based on a short film that Steere made. Obviously, Gouldsbury knows that there’s an innate challenge to making a spin-off – – which is that such countless fans tapped on the original film because they couldn’t trust the absurd reason – – a minister who transforms into a dinosaur to battle ninjas – – was actually made into a real film.

“There’s something about embracing the fun of, ‘This is a film, and none of it is real, therefore it has to abides by no particular principles,'” Gouldsbury said. “It’s like, for what reason is this happening? Because the content says so. On the off chance that you’re attempting to make a Christopher Nolan film, that mentality doesn’t really take you extremely far, yet while you’re having fun, you can do whatever with it, and that’s the beautiful thing about film is that it’s not real; you can continue to do things because it’s good times. There’s a Ty West statement about why he was working with dismay for such a long time. He was like, ‘Ghastliness is one of the only classes, on the off chance that not by any means the only one, where you can do anything, and the audience accepts it.’ The guidelines vacate the premises, and it’s hard to try and explain why it’s like that. However, that statement has stayed with me for like a decade or something at this point.”

As far as getting those casual watchers to check it out? Indeed, he realizes it’s harder when there’s no component of shock, however he imagines that the film – – which has turned into a cult classic in the years since its release – – created a world that the spin-off can expand on in a pleasant way.

“Ideally individuals watch this film!” Gouldsbury said with a laugh. “Be that as it may, we’re making an effort not to rehash VelociPastor. The joke of it being a low-financial plan, see-the-strings-on-the-back-of-their-dress thing… we did that joke already. What we’re pursuing for this, is to be like, ‘Here’s another experience.’ We have a few unique tricks planned for it. We’re attempting to leverage…what is it like when we have somewhat more money, and everyone is terminating on additional chambers? It’s a lot of that early Peter Jackson style of, we’re simply attempting to make a really entertaining film. There’s a little higher stakes in this one that I think will get a portion of the more extensive audience into it. There’s nobody size-fits-all, and this is still for a 12 PM swarm. Certain individuals were as ‘I don’t have a clue about, this looks excessively low-financial plan for me,’ and this is like, ‘Challenge accepted.'”

The film’s two main characters are Doug Jones, the VelociPastor, who denied his organization at the finish of the principal film; and his old flame, Carol, a previous whore who is presently a lawyer and also in medical school. Each of the two have a considerable amount happening in the new film, with Doug battling to track down his place on the planet without the Catholic Church behind him, and Carol doing her medical residency in Italy when the film starts.

“Doug is leaving the congregation, however I don’t feel that has impacted his convictions and his moral standings,” Gouldsbury explained. “Presently, he’s investigating what other religions are, so he’s like ‘Qait a moment, who’s Yahweh? Tiime to sort that one out!’ He’s taking information from all the various religions, to sort out ‘What’s the situation?’ So there’s a great deal of soul-searching for Doug in this one…. [Carol] is in medical school in Italy. She finished her lawyer exams in lawyer school, so we investigate a tad of, who is Carol? We saw Doug doing his professional arc of being part of the congregation and then leaving it, and presently we’re seeing, “Goodness, what is Carol doing in Italy, getting her residency in medical school and stuff? I’m really energized for what Carol will be doing in this film. We could try and learn a smidgen in this one, how she became so hyper-skilled, and why she’s cool as damnation.”

Velocipastor 2

And then, there’s the slasher. In the primary film, Doug squared off against an army of ninjas, drove a later revealed by a man to be Doug’s own jealous brother. This break, it’s a frightening, masked executioner.

“I am so amped up for the slasher,” Gouldsbury said. “The slasher certainly takes a ton of inspiration from giallo films like Middle, and those black glove, masked executioner films. There’s certainly a secret around them. Something we contemplate a ton is, what is the outline of this character? I don’t want to do simply a ski mask sort of thing. We want to make someone who’s really cool. We have a portion of the concept art on our Kickstarter page. One of the things you’ll see is that the blade is carved from bone. That would one say one is of the huge things, and it’s like, what sort of bone can it be carved from? Perhaps it’s a dinosaur bone! How is it that this could integrate with the Velocipastor? And playing with some pleasant legend things on that side.”

That said, with Boone actually filling in as the main dinosaur, Gouldsbury guarantees that in the occasion the continuation were to present another dinosaur or dinosaurs, they wouldn’t upstage the classic.

“Assuming there were ever to be more dinosaurs added, they will be in that style, don’t you stress,” he guaranteed. “Nothing will look too great in this film.”

You can uphold VelociPastor 2 on Kickstarter for the following couple of weeks at the connection above. The film is supposed to go into production in early to mid-2023.