R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned Blu-ray Release Date and Online Trailer

Rise of the Damned

Rise of the Damned

Returning for additional films is one of the strangest and, possibly, most critically reviled comic book movie franchises. The first trailer for R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned, a direct-to-video sequel to the Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges-starring R.I.P.D., which debuted in 2013, was unveiled this week by Universal Pictures. In this new movie, played by former Burn Notice actor Jeffrey Donovan, Roy Pulsipher, an Old West sheriff, will have his genesis tale told. Penelope Mitchell, Richard Fleeshman, Jake Choi, and Kerry Knuppe are also featured in the cast.

In if that wasn’t enough, Universal Pictures also allowed viewers to stream the opening eight minutes of the movie on their website.

What is R.I.P.D. 2 about?
In R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned, the Wild West has gone to Heck, literally, and the world’s best hope of being saved lies in the firearm-slinging hands of Sheriff Roy Pulsipher (Jeffrey Donovan) as he turns into the most current officer for the Rest In Peace Department (RIPD) enforcing the afterlife’s regulations. If the Old West was wild while he was alive, wait until Roy perceives how weird it gets once he dies. Roy figured joining the RIPD would give him an opportunity to revisit his daughter and tackle the mystery of his murder. Instead, he has his holsters full of ruin and hellfire when he’s given a mission to stop a dangerous demon from opening a portal to the underworld.

The destiny of the living and the dead presently depends on Roy and his partner Jeanne (Penelope Mitchell), a mysterious swordswoman, as cowpokes conflict with creatures and undead insanity releases apocalyptic bedlam.

What is R.I.P.D. based on?
R.I.P.D. is based on the 1999 Dark Horse comic book of a similar name, which was created by Peter M. Lenkov and Lucas Marangon. The original film had a long journey to the big screen, just to end up bombing in the cinematic world.

“Every time I thought this thing was going to die, he’d keep telling me, ‘No, it’s not,'” Lenkov said in an interview with MTV. “[Dark Horse publisher] Mike [Richardson] was really the person who kept the lights burning on this thing and who forced it through the numerous regime changes at the studio.”

What is your take of the trailer for R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned?