Lennie James wants to collaborate with Andrew Lincoln once more on The Walking Dead

Lennie James is an apparatus in the universe of The Walking Dead, with his personality (Morgan Jones) being noticeably highlighted in both The Walking Dead and Dread the Walking Dead. The absolute most-cherished episodes of the series included Morgan collaborating with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and assuming that James has his direction, he will get another opportunity to work with Lincoln again. Talking with ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis at the finale festivity for The Walking Dead, James communicated interest in showing up in the impending side project highlighting Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira), as would be considered normal to finish off the story of the couple at the core of the first series.

Morgan stepped in to assist with ricking right off the bat in the series, permitting the crowd a brief look into his frantic battle to protect his child during the zombie end of the world. Living as a survivalist, Morgan got out an untold number free from walkers, yet never could pull the trigger when it came to his undead spouse, Jenny. Afterward, crowds would discover that Morgan lost his child after he got too near Jenny and was nibbled.

“I would work with Andy anytime on any planet, anyplace in the universe,” James told ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis at the finale occasion. “I actually address Andy, I saw him when I was toward the end in London, we hung out briefly. he’s a companion forever, and there’s a couple of companions for life on this work, which is the reason I’m so thankful for it.”

The Walking Dead

The finale of The Walking Dead highlighted an appearance by James in flashback, yet the last time he was seen on screen was in the season 8 episode “Fury,” where he abandoned his defensive layer and apparently got back to an existence of isolation in The Piles. In any case, if anybody somehow managed to expect that taking on an existence of harmony and isolation implied that Morgan was giving himself over to his destiny, they obviously haven’t been giving a lot of consideration. He was absent from the series and to a great extent assumed dead for some time, and turned around up a changed man, and a more nuanced character than any time in recent memory.

The finale drew multiple million watchers on Sunday – – more than any episode since February 2021 – – yet those numbers actually fail to measure up to the 10 million or more who regularly watched the show in its prime. AMC, who changed the plans from making a Rick Grimes theatrical film into an eminence miniseries, is plainly trusting that a re-visitation of Rick and Michonne will assist with recovering a portion of the lightning in a jug that made The Walking Dead a social peculiarity.